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According to statistics of the Fifth National Population Census in 2000, the total population of Qingtian county is 361062, with 75152 in Hechen town, 35987 in Wenxi town, 11953 in Dongyuan town, 11124 in Gaohu town, 25347 in Chuanliao town, 12207 in Haikou town, 7068 in Lakou town, 19523 in Beishan town, 16241 in Shankou town, 13100 in Renzhuang town, 1663 in Wanshan township, 5230 in Huangyang township, 10178 in Jizhai township, 4617 in Gaoshi township, 6471 in Haixi township,8760 in Zhangcun township, 2885 in Zhenwang township, 9013 in Zhenbu township, 7442 in Shifan township, 9924 in Shuqiao township, 4532 in Jupu township, 3413 in Lingen township, 6225in Wanfu township, 8564 in Fangshan township, 4153 in Tangyang township, 4913in Guiao township, 3992 in Xiaozhoushan township, 5445 in Wukeng township, 6407 in Rengong township, 4382 in Zhangdan township, 6914 in Fushan township, 3365 in Shuangyang township, and 4872 in Shixi township.

    By the end of 2009, the total registered population is 498648, among which the non-agricultural population is 82596, the male population is 259249 and the female population is 239399, with the sex ratio of male-to-female 108:100. The year round birth population in 2009 is 8661 (among which 2641are born abroad), with the birth rate of 12.1‰; the number of deaths is 2912, with the death rate of 5.84‰; the natural population growth rate is 6.26‰.

By the end of 2010, the total registered population is 510945, of which the non-agricultural population is 84745. The male population is 264761 and the female population is 246184, and the sex ratio of male-to-female is 107:100. The year round birth population in 2010 is 15102  and the death population is 4726.

Statistics of the Sixth National Census
    1. Qingtian county has a residential population of 336542. Compared with the number of 361062 on November 1st, 2000 in the Fifth Census, there is a decline of 24520 (6.79%), with an annual decrease of 0.68%.

    2. Household population
    Among the permanent residents of the county, there are 115546 households and the population is 310735. There are 2.69 persons per family, which has decreased by 0.40 persons compared with the fifth census in 2000, when it was 3.09 persons per family.
    3.Gender Composition
    Among the permanent residents of Qingtian county, the male population is 174912, consisting of 51.97% and the female population is 161630, consisting of 48.03%. The total population’s sex ratio of male-to-female is 108.22:100, which has kept a basic balance compared with 108.29:100 of the fifth national census in 2000.

    4. Age Composition
    Of the whole county resident population, 66460 people are aged among 0 to 14, accounting for 19.75%; 209602 people aged 15 to 59, accounting for 62.28%; 60480 people aged 60 and above, accounting for 17.97%, of which 43883 people aged 65 and over, accounting for 13.04%. Compared with the statistics of the Fifth National Census in 2000, the share of population aged 0-14 falls by 4.25%, the share of population aged 15-59 rises by 0.89%, the share aged 60 and over rises by 3.36%, and the share aged 65 and over rises by 2.65%.

    5. Educational Attainment
    Of the whole county resident population, the number of people with university education (college degree and above) is 13625; the number of people with senior secondary education (including technical secondary school) is 30920; the number of people with junior secondary education is 101634; and the number of people with primary education is 118405 (The number of people with different levels of education includes graduates, undergraduates and students from various schools).

Compared with the Fifth National Census in 2000, the following changes have taken place in the number of people with various educational attainments of every 100,000 people: people with university education increased from 1347 to 4049; people with senior secondary education increased from 7013 to 9188; people with junior secondary education decreased from 31506 to 30200; and people with primary education decreased from 45076 to 35183.

    6. Composition of Urban and Rural Populations
    Of the whole county resident population, 145077 are urban residents, accounting for 43.11 percent; 191465 are rural residents, accounting for 56.89 percent. Compared with the Fifth National Census in 2000, urban residents increased by 19229 while rural residents decreased by 43749. The share of urban residents increased by 8.26%.

    7. Geographic Distribution
    Qingtian county 336542: Hecheng town 109586, WenXi town 62407, Dongyuan town 12572, Gaohu town 10725, Chuanliao town 26602, Haikou town 10368, Lakou town 14016, Beishan town 2610, Shankou town 8010, Renzhuang town 5432, Wanshan township 788, Huangyang township 2783, Jizhai township 7099, Gaoshi township 3371, Haixi township 4392, Zhangcun township 5822, Zhenwang township 2312, Zhenbu township 8150, Shuqiao township 6285, Jupu township 2624, Linggen township 624, Wanfu township 3152, Fangshan township 3682, Tangyang township 1813, Gui’ao township 1613, Xiao Zhoushan township 1362, Wukeng township 2769, Rengong township 4724, Zhangdan township 2113, Fushan township 5585, Shixi township 3151.

By the end of 2016, there are 553302 people in Qingtian county: Hecheng subdistrict 62176, Ounan subdistrict 24939, Youzhu subdistrict 21044, WenXi town 46550, Dongyuan town 21968, Gaohu town 20809, Chuanliao town 43919, Haikou town 19481, Lakou town 23200, Beishan town 15824, Shankou town 12368, Renzhuang town 24187, Wanshan township 4308, Huangyang township 5843, Jizhai township 15910, Gaoshi township 7943, Haixi township 9908, Zhangcun township 16883, Zhenwang township 5740, Zhenbu township 15167, Shuqiao township 15898, Jupu township 10615, Wanfu township 9168, Fangshan township 13468, Tangyang township 7108, Gui’ao township 10212, Xiao Zhoushan township 7841, Wukeng township 11669, Rengong township 13874, Zhangdan township 9055, Fushan township 17980, Shixi township 8247.

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