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    Qingtian County Committee and County Government attach great importance to scientific and technological progress and innovation, firmly establish the concept of innovation and development, and fully carry out the innovation-driven development strategy. With provincial strong county of science and technology as the goal, the county strengthens the leadership, increases investment, speeds up the implementation, and constantly promote the progress of science and technology. Science and technology should be utilized to guide and support economic and social development.
   In terms of policy support, since the "Twelfth Five-Year", the county has issued a series of policies successively: Several Opinions About Further Promoting Scientific and Technological Innovation and Speed up the Implementation of Science and Technology, Decisions on the Full Implementation of Strategy of Innovation-Driven development to Speed up the Construction of Strong County of Science and Technology, Qingtian County Management Measures on Special Funds for Innovation-Strong county, Qingtian County Management Methods on Special Funds for the Science and Technology Talents Entrepreneurial and Innovation, Qingtian County Management Methods on Leading Funds for Science and Technology Entrepreneurial Investment, Qingtian County Management Methods on Inovation Certificate, Qingtian County Management Methods on the risk capital pool for small-and-medium-sized enterprises of science and technology (for Trial Implementation), Qingtian County Management Methods on Acceptance of Planned Projects of Science and Technology; It also has revised Qingtian county Management Methods on science and technology planned projects and funds, and Qingtian county Management Methods on Special Funds for Patent to improve the policy system to support the development of science and technology .
    In terms of capital investments, in 2015, the county financial department has invested 79.12 million yuan in science and technology, increased by 21.1%, which accounts for 3.51% of the budget expenditure. From the technical research and development funds, the county specifically separates 2 million yuan to set up a special fund for innovation-strong county, 2 million yuan special for the investment guide for science and technology venture, 1 million yuan special for scientific and technological talents entrepreneurship and innovation and 1 million yuan of government’s risk fund for medium-small-and-micro enterprises of scientific and technological model.
In terms of project implementation, since the "Twelfth Five-Year", the County has implemented 1075 scientific and technological projects on various levels, including 26 national, 219 provincial and 29 municipal level projects; it has won 1 Provincial Agricultural Science and Technology Achievements Promotion Award, 2 provincial Science and Technology Progress Awards, 19 Municipal Science and Technology Progress Awards, 2 municipal Spark awards, 9 county Science and Technology Progress Awards, and 2 County outstanding contribution to science and technology awards. All-together 2297 patents are applied for, 202 of which are invention patent application;1602 patents have been authorized, among which 30 are invention patents. It has nurtured and affirmed 13 national high-tech enterprises, 3 state-level enterprise test centers, 1 provincial innovation demonstration enterprise, 4 provincial key enterprise institutes, 5 provincial high-tech R&D centers; 12 provincial agricultural science and technology enterprises; 69 provincial technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises, 8 municipal intellectual property rights exemplary enterprises, and 9 municipal intellectual property rights model enterprises. In 2015, Qingtian county high-tech industrial output value reaches 9.50 billion yuan, increased by 7.2%; the county's high-tech industry added value amounts to 1.685 billion yuan, increased by 11.7%; the high-tech industrial added value accounts for 19.79% of the whole industrial added value.
     After years of efforts, the scientific and technological advancement and comprehensive strength in Qingtian County have increased by leaps and bounds. The role of technological progress and innovation in promoting economic development is gradually increasing, and the construction of  strong county of science and technology is promoted further. It has successfully passed the national county (city) assessment of scientific and technological progress; for many times it ranks among the appraisal outstanding units of the county (city) party and government leadership responsibility system for science and technology progress, of science and technology correspondent work, of Zhejiang science and technology promotion and popularization and of Lishui science and technology correspondent work. Qingtian county has won the award twice for the entire province county (city and district) output performance evaluation of science and technology.

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