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Qingtian county borders Wenzhou Yongjia county in the east, and faces Wenzhou Lucheng district across the Oujiang River in the south. It is forty kilometers away from Wenzhou downtown and sixty kilometers away from Wenzhou Airport. The 330 National highway runs through the entire county.


The Jinhua-Wenzhou high-speed railway has come into service since the end of 2015. The railway station measures 32.25 metres tall with 5 stories. Its total construction area is 7,000 square meters, which serves as passenger services, shopping malls and leisure spots.


The East Bus Station and the South Bus Station of Qingtian county are the most important basic transportation facilities. The total area of the East Bus Station is 740.2 square metres and its construction area covers 4520 square metres, with the daily average of 5441 passengers. While the South Bus Station has the daily average of 1097 passengers with 166 daily shifts. At present, the New East Bus Station is overall constructed. Its total area is 13494.5 square meters and its construction area is 2838.1 square meters. In 2016 the East Bus Station will be relocated.  


Wenxi, a town in Qingtian, is the only port in Lishui city. The past 30 years have seen the expansion of its scale, with throughput increased from original 20,000 tons to over 1400000 tons nowadays. The transport of products have changed from a single life supplies to the diversified industrial products. The freighters can reach most major ports in our country, including Hong Kong and Macao.


 Up to now, the existing county road has covered 2215 km, of which, highway is 67.3 km, the second-class highway is 157.1 km, the third-class highway is 16.8 km, the fourth-class highway is 643.4 km, the will-be fourth-class highway is 1323.1 km. There are 3.69 million passengers and 8.79 million tons of cargoes, with the freight volume 314.99 million ton per kilometer and passenger volume 355.65 million per kilometer.

   The government accelerates the development of information network, implementing broadband in every village, and basically every village having access to cable television, program-controlled telephone and radio. Meanwhile, the government actively promotes the computer, communication and broadcasting television network integration, and strengthens the construction of digital radio and TV. What’s more, the government accelerates the information construction of the government, enterprises, community as well as family, and speeds up the development of e-government and e-commerce construction.

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