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    In 2000, Qingtian County consisted of 10 towns and 23 townships.

    In January 2002, Lakou Town and Shifan Township were revoked, and New Lakou Town has been established; Fushan Township and Shuangyang Township were revoked and New FuShan has been established. Since March 12, 2002, Qingtian County has carried out the zoning adjustment work of administrative villages, mainly completed in early July. The number of administrative villages has been reduced from 622 to 436, and 186 administrative villages were revoked.

    In 2002, Qingtian County, a land of 2493 square kilometers with a population of 47.31 million, consisted of 10 towns, 21 townships, 14 communities, 9 residential areas and 436 administrative villages. The towns and townships are as follows: Hecheng Town, Wexi town, Dongyuan Town, Chuanliao Town, Beishan Town, Shankou Town, Haikou Town, Gaohu Town, LakouTown, Renzhuang Town; Zhangcun Township, Shu Qiao Township, Gui’aoTownship, Shixi Township, Zhenbu Township, Zhenwang Township, Wanshan Township, Huangyang Township, Jizhai Township, Haixi Township, Xiaozhoushan Township, Gaoshi Township, Jupu Township, Wanfu Township, Tangyang Township, Fangshan Township, Wukeng Township, Rengong Township, Zhangdan Township, Fushan Township, LinggenTownship.

    In March 2003, the county Party Committee and the county Government authorized to establish the Youzhu New Sub-district Administration Committee, which implements the unified leadership, planning and development, and administrates various undertakings within its area, such as politics, economy, social development, and so on.

    Up to December 31, 2003 , the county had a total area of 2493 square kilometers, with a total population of 47.2 million, 10 towns, 21 townships, 17 communities (neighborhoods), and 436 administrative villages.

    On June 4, 2004, Zhejiang Goverment Letter [2004] No. 91 approved the adjustment of administrative divisions of Qingtian county: (1) the adjustment of administrative divisions of Beishan town. The number of the administrative villages was reduced from 30 to 21 with the administrative region unchanged, and the town government has been relocated from Beishan village to Quanshan village. (2) The adjustment of Linggen township administrative divisions. The administrative villages was reduced from12 to 5 with administrative region unchanged, and the location of the township government has been relocated from Linggen village to Jingping, Huangtuoshan village

    In 2012, Qingtian county carried out the zoning adjustment, with Hecheng Town being revoked, 3 new subdistricts Hecheng, Ounan, Youzhu being set up. The county covers a land of 2493 square kilometers, consisting of 3 districts, 9 towns, 21 townships and 414 administrative villages, with a total population of 514,400.

On May 31, 2013, Zhejiang Goverment Letter [2013] No. 84 approved the revoking of Linggen township, with its administration region merged into Beishan town. After the adjustment, Beishan town administrates 21 administrative villages, the seat of town government unchanged (Quanshan village).

    Now Qingtian county administrates 3 subdistricts, 9 towns, 20 townships and 414 administrative villages, with a land of 2493 square kilometers and a total population of 545,000 (in the end of 2015).

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