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To further the modernization of education firmly and implement the basic education program. The Qingtian county has spent 165 million RMB on 17 school construction projects, 58 maintenance programs. The projects of relocation of the official kindergarten and the expansion project of Chuanliao Senior School have been completed successively, and the construction of Bowin School and the second stage construction of Qingtian Vocational High School have been started. We also have spent 24 million RMB on the purchase of the educational equipment and the construction of thirty children Palaces of rural school to improve effectively the school conditions. Two province standardized schools have been established recently and the ratio of standardized schools reached 82.6%. To standardize the development of preschool education, Implementation Opinions on Speeding Up the Development of Private Education in Qingtian County has been formulated and the guidance and support of the private inclusive kindergarten has been emphasized. Eighty-two teachers have been newly licensed in Qingtian county, and the licensed teacher rate in the county reached 77.9% and increased by 10.5 percent. The insurance rate for kindergarten teachers outside system has reached 76%, which has greatly raised the level of treatment support. We have improved the quality management mechanism of compulsory education and the the quality of education is bettering. The junior high school education has reached top three in the Lishui city's education quality monitoring. The reform of ordinary senior high school curriculum has deepened.  In 2016 college entrance examination, 399 students (including 138 art students) have passed he first batch of admission, which ranked the third place in Lishui district. Two hundred and eleven teachers have been enrolled newly to accelerate the development of teacher team and improve the allocation of rural school teachers and in the low-performing schools, the proportion of middle and senior teachers has reached 54.4%, 7.6 percentage higher than in 2014.


Enhancing the development of national health undertakings. We have vigorously carry out the work of “double-innovations”. According to the establishing requirements of the national health county and the provincial chronic disease prevention and control demonstration area, we have in depth carried out the comprehensive environmental governance, the education of heath and slow disease prevention and control system construction, etc. And the pre-acceptance of the provincial chronic disease prevention and control demonstration area and the national health county have also been adopted. Health facilities in urban and rural areas have been continuously improved by promoting the construction of public health facilities constantly, such as the construction of the County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and the Medical building of the People's Hospital, the remould of the operation room of Wen Xi Second hospital, the relocation of Shuqiao Hospital and the CDC, the set-up of the Ounan street community health service center, and so on. Deepening the comprehensive reform of medical and health care, the county People's Hospital and the Second Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou university have a ‘double-dip’ cooperation in depth and carry out the construction of information sharing platform. The county gives the effective contract service for responsible doctors and the standard signing ratio reached 20% of the number of household registration. To further the development environment of private medical institutions, we have formulated The Opinions on Speeding Up the Development of Private Medical Institutions in Qingtian County. The county optimizes the family planning service and has completed the annual assessment task fully. The three excellent guidance of the family planning are strengthened and the county’s premarital examination and eugenic guidance ratio are 98% and 97% respectively. The preferential policies for family planning and supporting have landed and a number of activities of family planning, family care and micro-aspiration have also been carried out.


To boom the public culture and sports undertakings gorgeously, the county has accelerated the construction of sports infrastructure, such as enabling the new cultural center and the small theaters and other facilities in the cultural exhibition centers, speeding up the construction of the county’s sports center and the 24-hour self-help libraries and other projects, completing the rebuilding of gate ball court in Linjiang park. We extensively carry out recreational activities, introducing the boutique shows like A Suite of Red Mansions and French Accordion Recital and so on. In the project of sending cultures to rural areas, 192 plays, 3,700 movies and more than 1.8 books have been sent to the countryside. The Gaoshi town has held the country Olympic games successfully, which enriches the peoples’ public sports service activities. To strengthen the heritage conservation, we’ve completed the first nationwide movable heritage survey in our county and declared the intangible cultural heritage actively. Three customs, Qingtian plate dragon, the lantern dance of Zhang village and Qingtian kite flying custom, have been declared as intangible cultural heritages in Lishui city.

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