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In 2016, Qingtian county has achieved a total output of 21.02 billion RMB, increased by 8.2%. Its fiscal revenue reached 2.42 billion RMB, including public budget revenue of 1.6 billion RMB, increased by 9% and 11.5% respectively. The ratio of three major industries has been adjusted from 4.5:59.9:35.6 of 2011 to 3.9:56.1:40 of 2016.


     Industrial economy has been expanded and upgraded. A series of supporting policies have been implemented on ecological industry, ecological tourism ,rural new three treasures” and so on. And the measures of cutting cost and promoting transformation have also been fully implemented to reduce the enterprises’ burden of 58.5 million RMB directly. 120 million RMB bankroll for supporting policies has been cashed. Qintian has pooled efforts to assist workers in a deep-going way, established joint conference institution, constructed a two-way interactive exchange mechanism between government and enterprises to help them solve 131 issues of various kinds. We have begun construction of Zhenbu Creek Pit area, sped up the development of the Dongyuan Five Star and Gaohu Huangbenyang and so forth, sold 649.5 mu of industrial land out. WeChat auction has been firstly introduced into the marketing of stone carving products. The transformation and upgrade of the industries such as valve, molybdenum are on the high way.


The agriculture economy develops steadily and effectively. In 2016 the county achieves total output value of agriculture 1.25 billion RMB, with a growth rate of 6.3%. There are 63 thousand mu of the rice-fish farm in Qintian. The rice-fish farming system and related featured agriculture productions of Fish rice series have been exhibited at 2016 Agricultural Fair in Zhejiang Province.The bayberry production area of 80,000 thousands mu has an output of 35,000 tons. The area of plant diseases and insect pests control has also been increased by 10,000 mu. It is the first to have a try of cultivating bayberry in dome, and it improves the quality of bayberry further.The county totaled 286 thousand mu of Camellia area, built 9.77 thousand mu fine breed camellia promotion demonstration base lately and has got 18 thousand mu of fine breed camellia base, newly built fine breed clonal tea plantation of 500 mu and 7.5 thousand mu bamboo forest for bamboo wood and its shoots. To reduce the pollution of livestock and poultry breeding with strong measure, we closed and stop 147 livestock and poultry breeding farms, pull down 93 thousand square meters’ animal-house with pollution, has achieved an output of 1.6 billion RMB in stockbreading, increased by 4.5% on a year-on-year basis.


The development of service industry is accelerated. Three marketplaces, the first stage of Qingtian Imported Goods Town, have been finished, which covers 43 thousand square meters and sells products imported from over 43 countries and of more than 30 thousand kinds, and has been a wonderful business platform for Qintian overseas Chinese back home. Qintian county has set up Eco-economic industry fund, takes full advantage of the government guidance and amplification for industry fund, drives entrepreneurship, innovation and industrial transformation and upgrading, promotes the sound development of ecological economy. A batch of financial institutions are introduced, such as China Zheshang Bank , Bank of Hangzhou, and etc. We have also established strategic partnership with Orient Asset Management corporation and ChinaLife Insurance Co.. At the end of 2016, the deposit and loan balances for local and foreign currency reach 55.62 billion RMB and 23.43 billion RMB. Continued steady and healthy growth has been scored in the real estate market, also in insurance securities, transportation, posts and telecommunications. http://fanyi.baidu.com/ - zh/en/javascript:void(0);  


 The reform continues steadily in priority areas. To further the rural property right system reform, Qintian County has begun pilot project for loan on collateral of the rural house, promoted to assure all kinds of property rights and give authentication, completed 265 property right trading transactions, transferred land-use rights of 26 thousand mu land. The collateral loan balance for three rights on rural land has reached 1.22 billion RMB. The reform of “The river right down to the household” was ranked among the top 10 water conservancy ways in Chinese township. We have carried forward the trinity reform of production, marketing and finance, established China Co-op in county file://D:\Program Files\Dict\\resultui\dict\?keyword=and file://D:\Program Files\Dict\\resultui\dict\?keyword=township, reformed the commercial system by simplifying industrial and commercial registration, resulting in 12 thousand market players added. To help to courage spirit of start-a-business and innovation ,drive the industrial restructuring and upgrading, we have established the fund of Eco-economic industry. We also have piloted the provincial reform of social services and developments, published a series of policies to develop the school, the hospital, the aged nursing home and so forth, run by no-government, trying to draw the superior social resources into social services. Administrative resources have been allocated  by abolishing and integrating temporary institution and establishing state-owned management company about the development of city, traffic, and water conservancy, etc. Constructive land has been added by 2,703 mu after finishing the experimental exploitation and utilization of low-slope hilly land. The administrative area have been readjusted between Beishan town and Linggen town. Hecheng town’s administrative division has changed from town-level into street-level.


The level of opening-up accelerates. We have achieved a total imports and exports of 4.27 billion RMB in 2016, with an average annual growth rate of 12.7%. The market and bonded warehouse of the hometown of overseas Chinese city of imported goods has been built; “Qiaohaigou”, the online sales platform of overseas products has been launched; The business area of the Imported Goods Town covers 43,000 square meters, and its sales amounts to 500 million RMB. We strongly implement the fly-back policy of the oversea Chinese and Qingtian businessman, who brought back the capital of 7.48 billion RMB. The regional cooperation and exchanges run into the full depth with the integration and connection with the development of Lishui and Wenzhou respectively.

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