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Infrastructure Construction

Infrastructure is bettering. The Jinliwen railway expansion renovation project has been completed and the interflow of expressway has been in reality in Qingtian country. The important traffic projects of No.49 provincial Road passing through the territory of Hecheng and the road between Qiulu and Gaogang also have been finished. The new bus station has been built and put into service. As the urban public transport has been managed by government, the urban and rural transportation is and will be more convenient. The water conservancy projects in Qingtian, including the new Oujiang river dike of 21.7 km and the comprehensive control of small watershed of 31.8 km, have been started. As a result, the comprehensive water conservancy network has been improved gradually. The energy security has also been strengthened by the upgrading project of the urban and rural power network, for the finish of Sanxikou hydropower Station and the 220 thousand volts power transmission and transformation facilities in Haikou, etc.


The urban and rural areas take on a new look. By the end of 2016, the urbanization rate have reached 53.6%. The urban facilities have been continuously improved after the implementation of a batch of projects in Qingtian County, such as the Oujiang River landscape project, the urban agglomeration transportation hub project, the drinking water extension and reconstruction project, etc. The county continues to promote lanes and alleys renovation and urban lighting project, decorate the house facade of 50 thousand square meters with European style, renovate the old city of 48 thousand square meters, feature the city more “European style and landscape home”. Qingtian county has passed successfully through the first stage check as the national health county after simplifying the urban management system mechanism and strengthening the comprehensive improvement of urban environment. With the construction and cultivation of featured towns, the Shankou stone carving town has been selected in the list of the first featured towns in Zhejiang province, and the cultivation of the Youzhu European style town has been accelerated. A series of projects, such as the road between Shuige district and Lakou town, the flood embankment in Hengxi watershed, the expanding of Gaohu Town area, have been accelerated to deepen the “enlarge authority strengthen town” and enhance the self development of the town market. We also have built the featured village of overseas Chinese, cultivated eight boutique villages and twenty eight center villages, grown 160 farmhouses and four farmhouse unions.


The ecological environment is improving continuously. A series of combinations, such as “Five Water Co-protection”, “Three Changes A Split” and “Six Sides Three Beauties”, have been strongly laid out to beautify the homeland. We have cleared three kinds of rivers as long as 167 km, removed illegal construction area of 1.36 million square meters, improved an area of 2.19 million square meters, and beautified a rural scenery line of 62 km. The coverage rate of safe drinking water in rural areas reached 98.2%, with the treatment of the rural 316 villages’ sewage and the reinforcement of eleven dangerous reservoirs and sixty one ponds. Qingtian county has been constructed as a provincial forest city with a forest coverage of 80.5%, ecological forest increased by 380,000 mu, urban green space increased by 20,000 square meters. With the full coverage of municipal ecological villages and provincial ecological towns, Qingtian has successfully created provincial ecological county.

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